100% Green Energy Projects

100% Green Energy Projects


The use of solar heating in your home is a very powerful thing if you want to decrease your energy consumption by as much as possible. Solarheating is the process that takes just one form of energy, such as the heat from a sun (solar) unit, and converting that energy into more usable forms of energy. This process can be incredibly hot but it is also quite expensive compared to other methods of heating your home. Here are a few things about solarheating that you can do to make your house warmer, safer and able to add a little bit of extra power to your daily life.

Solar PV

If you own a large area, or live in a location with plenty of sunlight, then using solar PV could double or even triple your house’s abilities to heat up your home. The good thing about solar PV is that it super heats everything up and all the energy can easily be stored in the substance that becomes the sun’s heat. This method is not only hot but also relatively cheap compared to other methods of heating up your home.

Green Building

Green building rules should be followed when designing and setting up green roofs, which will make sure that rain doesn’t fall on them and that drought doesn’t exist. When you design an outdoor space for a green roof, look at how it will affect the surrounding environment, such as pollution from nearby buildings or damage from falling debris. All these things are things that come from the environment and changing our attitude towards those things is one of the most powerful ways that we can save on our actual energy intake.

Green Home Security

Having an efficient home security system is an incredibly important part of having good health outside of your door. Having access to every inch of personal space has become quite common over the past couple decades, and having access to all those areas allows for less internal processing within your house. With green building rules set up, you won’t have to worry about connecting directly to electricity or having windows facing outwards giving yourself access to fresh air. These are just some advantages that came out of using solar heating in the first place!

Green Home Security Rules

Once you have decided on where you want your home security set up, then it is time for you to decide what kind of security system you want going across your house. There are many different kinds of security devices available today and each offer varying amounts of protection against intruders and joyriders alike. Some walls have sensors underneath them that will change light levels based on what people are living inside and allow for more delicate movements than if they had a static wall made just for this purpose. Other walls have cameras underneath them that will monitor what people are doing in the room and GBVs can be used within any structure for extremely high-security operations with minimal human intervention needed. These kinds of walls aren’t always available or available quickly enough though.

In conclusion here are some things about bringing solar heating into your home that can increase safety greatly! Before long this could mean saving yourself loads of money on bills as well as saving yours loads of time when it comes down to getting something done on Saturday morning. Don’t hesitate now…go forth…and make sure your family deserves better!

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