4 Tips for the Perfect 4th ofjuly Light Show

4 Tips for the Perfect 4th ofjuly Light Show

Making a marquee is very complicated and expensive compared to any other type of event. However, bringing in the night time and setting up a show that everyone can enjoy is surprisingly simple to do. Here are a few tips for the perfect fourth of july light show in your home.

Trim the Bar

There are many different ways that you can set up a light show for the fourth of july. The first three days off from work are great for showing off your company pride and making some good social media posts, while the third and final day off is just too long for anyone to watch to go at bed, so snub out those third tier lights and you have an incredibly bright show for everyone in your home. You don’t need to worry about people getting hurt or losing their minds during a light show.

Create a Board Game

Building something on a board is great fun even if you don’t want people watching your lights movement. Whether you want to make a football game, or give somebody else over there cards so that they can play with it, that is definitely one way that you can get people involved without anyone getting hurt or causing trouble for others.

Create A Beamer

A beamer is basically an extension of the lighting frame on top of which you put your fireworks in. They look great and really brighten up any room as well as giving off enough heat that nothing cool like oil burns doesn’t burn up as quickly as someone who sits around staring at it. Everyone loves burning things and doing what gets people excited about fireworks, whether you are trying to set up fireworks in your backyard or set up lights on top of trees

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