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The 4DRC DUAL CONTROLLER is a radio control system that allows for multiple aircraft to be controlled from a single unit. The ADF-4D DUAL CONTROLLER is the most common and simplest of all DSU’s, as it only works with one aircraft at a time. There are many benefits to using the 4DRC DUAL CONTROLLER, but the biggest benefit is allowing you to fly more beautiful airplanes with your family.


Fire Control

The 4DRC DIALETTE CONTROLLER has very advanced fire control, even up to 30 metres. With these types of control systems, you can save lives and get people out of harm’s way faster than with older analog systems that only work with ground vehicles.

As you can see, the 4DRC DUAL CONTROLLER has quite a lot in common with other airsoft equipment that uses this system. They just use the same components and there isn’t much that needs to be updated or changed in terms of safety. This also means that if your airsoft equipment needs to be updated or replaced, you will already have them installed in your list of items to buy new—no need to search around for another airsoft controller manual!

Control Module

The control module for the 4DRC DULT CONTROLLER comes in about halfway between an ADF-4 and an ADF-3A remote control unit. It is connected via coaxial cable from the power source unit that it goes through and it functions perfectly fine as it does today. The last feature (and probably the most important) about this module is how easy it is to work with. Anyone who has used a remote-controlled vehicle before will easily understand how easy it is to move these things through their car’s back roads and negotiate corners while being held by the controls.

Bluetooth Headset

With recent technology in Bluetooth technology, it is relatively easy to set up and quick to operate compared to purchasing a pair of wireless headphones and connecting them via cable. Not only that, but they are fairly lightweight as well, making them extremely easy to handle when needing to run some automated systems through it as well as connect some smart phones together so that you can send messages over the network upon request.

Navigation Card

The navigation card for your 4DRC DUAL CONTROLLER is remarkably simple compared to purchasing a suite of maps for your airplane based on every corner of your city or even having a compass mounted on your side—just flip them over and run wired Internet connections through them! They are incredibly simple compared from having an elaborate map right there in your cockpit!

TV terminal units are typically built into every airplane that features sky boxes, and often come pre-wired for you in most cases so that you don’t have to worry about running anything else between your machines—even if they come equipped with wireless networks or radar units so that you can send information over those networks via satellite without having to drive across town or across country on top of your plane! There are many different options for makers out there on the creation island section of thing have largely expanded since we first wrote this article back in July 2015. If you want something small but reliable that doesn’t rely on any external help or services outside of its own box, then look toward Skybox Systems—they have some amazing products available today not even mindlessly poured off their website! Thanks again Skybox Systems! This year we’ve been collaborating more and more with other companies so that we can provide better products like this one directly inside our store!

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