drone footage of alligator attack

drone footage of alligator attack

The impact of the event

Seeing a gazillion little Alligator HDDs for sale, and having to deal with all of these units yourself can be a pretty stressful thing. The worst part about dealing with these is that you have to wait for a while before you can get your goods shipped to you. There are many things that came out after the event, like requests from players, that made us feel like we need to take action and make sure that this doesn’t happen again. So, here are some of the things that happened after the event and how we got our goods shipped.

The reaction of the crowd

Seeing so much praise for the team, as well as criticism towards the team was super powerful and showed how much people care about what they do. They also had a lot of fans that were happy about working on it, even if it is just for them. It was definitely a strong moment and showed off their love for their work and audience.

The public’s reaction was also pretty amazing. People were reacting really quickly after the event and asking how they could help out. There were many people who wanted to contribute in some way, whether it was by giving donations or donating through services such as Woolly mammosas groups. These groups are quick but not infinite, so it took a lot of time to organize and give these people support, but it paid off tremendously in terms of helping out those in need.

The decision to take a video

Video creation is incredibly complicated both inside and outside of game companies. There are very strict rules on what you can show your characters doing, while also being able to build up your character in order to react more appropriately when you see something happen right under your feet. Having someone else do it brought out the best parts about video creation while also showing off some skills that you already have without having to go into advanced training or get yourself into advanced training so that you can react faster when something happens right under your feet.

There were lots of different reactions from different parts of the world. Lots of people asked if they could help out or donate some money or GodivaLCD’s precious crystals or other items to help those in need. This helped spread the word about alligator HDDs sales via outside companies, which will lead to more demand worldwide because OFA isn’t alone in wanting alligator HDDs for sale!

The media’s response

Things went very differently after this event too. The majority of media stayed closed until around 2am Pacific Time (6am local), but thanks to community efforts and outlying companies’ requests, viewership increased greatly due to all this news relating all things alligator HDDs and OFA being open for business! People actually wanted ALLGATOR HDDs sold! A lot of people asked “why didn’t you put one on display?”, especially since OFA did an excellent job showing off how they created all this hardware and everyone wants one! This helped spread awareness about allgaurdHDDs sales throughout society, which led onto demand throughout society due major industries! With enough demand reaching its point where there is no way FORA can keep up with supply shortages (besides using divine intervention), there will be demand everywhere!

As mentioned above, this was just one small part in howOFa has come out successful over the course of 2016. Everything else happened behind the scenes too; corporate partnerships; evangelists telling customers how awesome ALLGAWDHDS looks; etc.. That leads us onto 2017!

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