Drone footage of sharks in myrtle beach

Drone footage of sharks in myrtle beach

It is easy to get used to a place, especially when it comes to local cuisine. However, the menu in myrtle beach is different than most places and I usually don’t eat there until I reach the beach. There are some tips that I have learned from my Meyer’s Hotel experience and I will be doing my best to try and catch up with the locals in this area so we can get more food into our body so we can enjoy food for longer. Here are a few things that I have found out about the food at Meyer’s Hotel during my time there.

Best Dishes for Me

If you go to Meyer’s Hotel, you will never run into someone talking about fish or seafood. The food is pretty cheap, even though it is mostly dishes that you might already have on hand. The prices aren’t too high and you will find yourself very satisfied once that dish is Morrowashian cooking over rice. Another thing that makes Meyer’s Hotel great is that they only take reservations and not open up their restaurant to just anyone! You won’t have to waste your time walking around eating at their table but it definitely pays off in the long run because they make sure that everyone gets sat down right away and take their order quickly.

The Price of Entry

When you first get to Meyer’s Hotel, you may not be able to find much room in the dining room so you will likely have to wait for someone to come over before someone else can join you. Once everyone has arrived at their seats, then it gets really expensive really fast! When you first sit down at your meal at Meyer’s Hotel, $24.95 comes pretty high for a meal including wine and dessert but after ordering your food, that price drops dramatically down to just $19.95! This isn’t too bad of an idea since most meals include tax if you are going out and having dinner then also includes dessert! If you are trying to fit in some quality eating while still being here in Myrtle Beach, then definitely try the fish plates!

The Food

Fish plate is one of my all-time favorite foods. It almost tastes like real fish but without all of the fat and oxygen cost associated with it. It truly is delicious fried or baked as long as it doesn’t burn up on your plate or stay open for too long either. The sushi plate is also fantastic if you want something a little bit different than what regular people typically eat every day.

Yummy smoothies are another kind of terrifically good wateryness that everyone should enjoy including lemonade, date milkshakes and organic juices. Everyone loves a good smoothie no matter what kind of person they are or what kind of climate they are in (Meyer’s Hotel doesn’t usually contain any oils in its waters) but what about a candy smoothie? Yes, a smoothie with candy added is incredible but why not also give our readers some examples of how awesomely delicious these smoothies were?

Overall this was an incredible experience at a great price point. Don’t let me forget about this part though: the food! After waiting ages for everything to arrive at your table, then finally having your meal served towards the end of the night, treat yourself and enjoy this time during your visit with Myrtle Beach!

What would You Like To Eat At Meyer’s Hotel?

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