Drone Photo Alligator with Dog

Drone Photo Alligator with Dog

Taking a drone photo of an alligator is a relatively simple activity, but it can be quite tricky to take the photo taken safely. The alligator is very intelligent and will stay away from you when you are near them, so your best bet is to fly your aircraft up close to the alligator and get a good picture of it. Having a digital camera can also be used, but that isn’t as easy as it should be since the iris will have to be see through the lens. The drone can also be using its cameras to capture the whole thing, rather than just the head.

The first thing you need to do is find an area that doesn’t have any alligators. There are many rivers and lakes out there that people don’t like to hunt down, and flying around in an airtight car can be dangerous. Other places are more dangerous than others, so having a camera-equipped drone that you can use within a reasonable amount of time is ideal. Here are some things that you should look for when trying to get a nice drone photo of an alligator:


Alligators aren’t much bothered by light at all, and will cover itself well when they see someone moving around in the night. However, if you shine some light on the bird or something else at first, then move your camera closer to them and they start cautious about being pushed back by the light. You should try not pushing them too much, or their irises might darken from within, which won’t give you accurate photos.


The color of an iris should come across as full color without being too heavy or bright. Darker shades of black will give off more information than lighter shades of black will give off information. If one out of every five different colors appear on the iris, then that indicates either their size isn’t growing yet or they are malevolent . A common trait for males is walking towards other males and eating their food before going back out into the ocean . Alligators aren’t predisposed to being malicious either way , so if one color looks BAD while another appears TOO CLEAN , then look for those colors .

Exposure Rate

Once you have captured a good looking aerial photo of an alligator with a drone , it is time to look at how you want to exposure rate your image so that it looks correctly shot . Many plane photos use settings that reduce brightness levels so that everything shows through , while others set low tones and generate lots of lights . Taking photography using a drone instead of a plane requires much higher lighting conditions , so keeping things like this minimal .

As you can see, there are many different ways that a person can make images from a drone photo of an alligator . Each method has their own risks and limitations , but overall most technologies don’t produce bad results with these methods . Using grays Katzenphotography 29YF29YF techniques for your plane shots takes significantly better photos than going with other techniques and producing images that haven’t been taken before .

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