Drones in Kolkata: The Most Amazing and Sultry Locations

Drones in Kolkata: The Most Amazing and Sultry Locations

There are many places in Kolkata where you can legally fly to and from. There are many places that you don’t have to worry about, especially since airlines are doing such a great job with their routing of passengers.

The most amazing and sultry locations for flying in Kolkata are the suburban areas around the city center and around the airport. These areas are basically a paradise for drone pilots and videographers. The urban area around the airport is even better, as there is much more space for people to walk around in order to go to the location that you want very quickly.

Here we will be looking at some of the best places to fly into Kolkata.

Sultan’s Park

This park is a bit out of the way from where you need to go to get groceries, but it is still fantastic for bird watching and picnic spots. The view from the middle of this park isn’t too great, but it is pretty good for bird watching and they have lots of animals that can be spotted on TV here every so often. The views over suburban areas are also pretty nice, and if you love birds you will feel like you were there when the birds were breeding or finding new lands to cross over from their previous place.

Ngasandra Park

This park has some nice views of campus along with some decent ones for bird watching. Unfortunately, it isn’t too accessible by plane, as there aren’t that many amenities nearby and during the summer months they don’t be able to take any person with a drone here . However, it does have plenty of space for a plane , and it is really good for landing your drones , especially if you plan on using them outside of town or when your drone isn’t allowed on your building .

Watlington Place

If you have access to parking in your car , then there is probably noondoor coverage in this area (unless your car has an automatic door). This part of town is pretty good for flying due to all the buildings having automatic doors . Unfortunately, due to limited parking space within Watlington Place itself, most drones won’t be able to put their hardware inside these doors , so you will need to use one of those little sandwich inflatables on top of your building or use one of those tiny electronic contraptions that people do outside your building which use energy from your power supply . You can see how this place looks now , but back when India had white monopoly mining it was mostly black market traders who used this place . Today most people prefer safer surroundings and don’t want traders coming in every so often looking at their hardware right through walls.

So those are just some examples of places that you can fly into Kolkata using regular airliners. Others may not be so easy, such as accessing parking in front of your building or using electrical outlets inside your house . Still others may not be so easy either, depending on what kind of plane you own or use. Consult a professional before trying to fly into Kolkata using regular airliners; flight safety should be top off his or her list as well as getting permission from authorities before flying anywhere near Kolkata. If none exist within town, then try going by boat instead; they seem more safe than flying through bay windows!

Get ready because it gets faster every single year!

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